Monday’s Muse … the mighty pen (and paper)

Today’s Monday’s Muse might be considered an endangered species, but for me it never fails to inspire in the way a blinking cursor on a white screen sometimes just cannot. That’s right, I’m talking about good, old-fashioned:

Pen and paper

quill pen
There’s something about the soft scratch-scratch of a nib on paper that seems to make thoughts flow…
Image (c) Deliciously Fictitious

I’ve mentioned my recent mental gymnastics while plotting my novel. Well one way I’ve found that does a great job of sorting out the myriad of tangled thoughts in my brain is to just write things down the old school way.

There’s something about the soft scratch-scratchof a nib on paper that seems to encourage reticent thoughts and ideas to just spill out onto the page.

Maybe it’s the fact that when you type on a screen it’s just too easy to see (and judge) what you’ve written before you finish it. Whereas on the page your hand moves back and forth, covering what you’ve already written and stopping you from editing while you should still be creating.

And of course, how can you derive the same benefit from the famed “free writing” technique if you don’t put physical pen to phsyical paper?

Whatever it is, I personally think there’s still plenty to be said for the mighty pen.

~ DF

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