Monday’s Muse…A different perspective

Proteus woodcut by Jörg Breu. Displayed in the Book of Emblems by Andrea Alciato (1531).
Image via Wikimedia Commons (public domain).

Writing my book, I’m constantly trying to look at things in a different way. Sometimes something unique comes to me delightfully unbidden.

More often than not, I feel a bit like I’m trying to sneak up on myself and catch my thoughts unawares – as though creativity can be caught in repose and forced to reveal its secrets, like Proteus, the wise old man of the sea, in Homer’s Odyssey.

And like Menelaus – clinging onto Proteus – in that story, I sometimes feel as though my ideas try to outwit me; thrashing around and changing shape in a desperate attempt to flee, while I cling on for dear life, hoping to keep them in my mind long enough to get them down on the page.

And hoping I don’t squeeze them too tight in the process. After all, what good’s an idea with no life left in it?

In a roundabout fashion this brings me to today’s Monday’s Muse, which today I thought should reflect this daily attempt to:

…see things from a different perspective…

Robin Williams sums it up brilliantly in this wonderful excerpt from Dead Poet’s Society, so why don’t I just let him say it?

And remember – don’t just walk off the edge like lemmings! Look around you!


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