‘The Casual Vacancy’ – uncovered

The Casual Vacancy
Does this cover make anyone else hungry for Macca’s fries?

Welcome to my inaugural ‘uncovered’ post: a monthly meme in which I pick a book and unabashedly judge it by its cover.

I know you’re not supposed to, but lots of readers do it, and given how much time and money publishers put into their cover designs, they know we do it too!

I thought I’d kick today off with the cover of a much talked of book I bought very recently: J.K. Rowling’s adult novel The Casual Vacancy. See right, for it in all its glory.

Given how hyped the release of this book was, it’s safe to assume a fair bit of cover-judging went on with this one! In fact, the cover design’s release in July (two months before the book itself came out) even got its own news story!

Personally I was so put off by this cover, I doubt I would have bought it if it hadn’t been Rowling’s new book. (I am a diehard Potter fan and was very keen to read her latest offering. My review is here if you’re interested, by the by.)

Bitter Greens
THIS book’s cover, on the other hand, had me salivating to read it!
Why? Well it’s all in-your-face and the red and yellow are, frankly, reminiscent of the McDonalds logo. I am very attracted by simple, clean cover designs. This one is simple but the colours and the fonts manage to make it feel ‘busy’. The more ornate covers I like tend to use more muted covers, like this Bitter Greens cover (left) which I absolutely loved earlier this year.

Funnily enough, I think Rowling’s cover may have grown on me a little. I don’t hate it as much now as I did; maybe because I enjoyed the book. And I will say this for it – the gaudy red ‘n gold made it a book you don’t misplace in a hurry!

What do you think? Did this cover make you want to read the book, or did it turn you off?

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  1. Riley Zilm

    I agree. I don’t think the cover really does the book much justice. The cover for THE CASUAL VACANCY isn’t half as elaborate as I thought it’d be, but nor is it simple enough to be classified as – well, simple. I don’t think I would have glanced twice if it had a different name on it.
    And, YES! BITTER GREENS’ cover is amazing! One of the best designs I’ve seen. :) Comparing two of my favourite authors’ books’ covers…

  2. At first I very much disliked the cover. It looked just so old and boring and … I don’t know. Actually, I made a disgusted sound when I first saw it.
    But now I kind of like it. No, I do like it – very much, to be honest! It’s not even because I liked the book so much (haven’t read it, yet), I just fell a little bit in love with it. And I have absolutely no idea how or why. xD

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