Review Policy

I started this site giving star reviews, but I’ve since given this up. Reviews are such subjective beasts and star ratings seem so concrete.

Instead, I’ll just try and discuss what I liked and disliked about the book. I always try to explain my feelings, leaving ample room for discussion and, yes!, even disagreement! In fact, please disagree! :) This site is about keeping the conversation going, and I love a great (healthy) debate about books.

I read fairly eclectically, but this site will cover mostly fiction. (It is called deliciously fictitious, after all.)

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My Ethics

I will not accept payment for my reviews or interviews. This is a compromise of my journalistic integrity and independence. If ever I have cause to advertise a person or product in return for payment (which I doubt I ever will), I will disclose this in my post.

If I have received a book as an Advance Reading Copy from a bookseller, publisher or agent, I will disclose this in my post. If I have not made such a disclosure, I have obtained the book myself. The provision of an ARC does not in any way influence my review. I am happy to return ARCs afterwards, at the provider’s cost, if desired.

If for any reason I have not read the book all the way through (this would be highly unusual), I will disclose this in my post. The more likely scenario is I just won’t review it if this happens.

If I review or interview a relative or close friend, I will disclose this in my post.

Any criticism of a book is about the book. It is not a reflection of my views of the author as a person, and should not be read as such.

I love to engage with readers, but I do not endorse ‘sock puppetry’. Please bear this in mind when commenting on this site. Pseuodnyms are fine, but one per person please and if you’re commenting on your own book, please say so :)

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