Want A Review?

Please note, I am unable to commit to new reviews at this time. Thank you for your understanding!

Want me to review your book? I’d love to … provided it falls within the below guidelines.

My tastes

I urge you to browse my GoodReads shelf and reviews, and familiarise yourself with my tastes before you submit your work. You also need to be willing to post your book to Sydney, Australia or provide an ebook version suitable for Kobo or Kindle.

I will accept:

  • general fiction,
  • young adult fiction,
  • historical fiction,
  • classics
  • fantasy, sci-fi, paranornamal
  • memoir, non-fiction
  • crime, mystery
  • humour

Books by Australian authors are especially welcome.

I will give preference to books published through the traditional channels, but I’ll accept self-published if the blurb/sample chapter really does it for me.

Please don’t submit

At this time, I won’t be accepting:

  • picture books or children’s books for under 10 year-olds
  • horror
  • romance, erotica

Submission Guidelines

If your book sounds like my cup of tea, please email me at deliciouslyfictitious [at] gmail [dot] com, or click here with the following information:

  • Your full name and relationship to the book (author, publicist, publisher)
  • Book title, author, format (paperback, ebook etc), publisher, publish date, page or word count, genre
  • A blurb and a sample chapter (preferably no spoilers) – nb, this will not be published
  • Whether you are willing to offer your book in a giveaway/contest as part of the review
  • Whether the author is willing to be interviewed if necessary
  • Book tour/event details, if applicable
  • If the book is an advance copy, publication details
  • Please put “Review request: [book title]” in the email subject line

Please do not submit your book unless you’ve read and are happy with my review policy.

What happens next?

I want to devote the time to giving your work the thoughtful review it deserves. Wherever possible I will respond to your email within 5 working days advising whether I agree to review your book, and the timeframe within which I can complete the review.

As the focus of this site is to talk about books I’ve enjoyed, I will decline to review your book if I don’t think I will like it. However, this does not ensure a favourable review if I agree to review it. I am committed to providing honest, subjective reviews based on my opinion and experience of the book – but I endeavour to always be fair, balanced and reasonable.

If the author has indicated they are willing to be interviewed, I will advise of whether I wish to take them up on this after reading the book. As a journalist I aim always to operate within the Media Alliance Code of Ethics.

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